Caterpillar Watch Prototype Looks Uncomfortable But Unique

Nicolas Lehotzky Caterpillar Watch (Images courtesy Gizmag)
By Andrew Liszewski

Since nearly every single portable gadget or electronic device from MP3 players to video games includes a clock of some sort, the only real reason someone would wear a watch these days is for style. And because of that, design student Nicolas Lehotzky believes that the watch market will soon be moving away from traditional designs towards models that focus on creativity over function. So in an effort to get things moving in that direction he created a small collection of unique watch prototypes including this Caterpillar design that caught my eye.

The watch takes the concept of the tank tread used on heavy Caterpillar construction machinery and incorporates it into both the watch band design and how the time is actually displayed. Instead of a traditional face, the watch features a fabric belt that is continually fed through the strap in a loop. The number that’s featured most prominently on the raised platform roughly indicates the current hour. In theory the belt could also feature a more complex number scheme to indicate half and quarter hours making it more accurate, but the simplicity of the current design is most definitely part of its appeal.

[ Nicolas Lehotzky Caterpillar Watch VIA Gizmag ]

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