Catchu Camera Frisbee

Catchu Camera Frisbee (Image courtesy T3 Magazine)
By Andrew Liszewski

Oh inventors! What won’t you attach a camera too these days? Adam Sutcliffe a graduate of the Royal College of Art apparently wondered what it would be like to ride a frisbee in flight. Since physics basically put an end to this dream he figured the next best way to experience it would be to integrate a video camera into a frisbee and record the flight.

The Catchu Camera comes already mounted to the disc and using solid state electronics claims to be able to record 20 minutes of broadcast quality video. Since there are no moving parts the camera should easily survive the occasional missed catch or being hijacked by a random dog at the park. You’ll also notice the frisbee has a cleverly designed vein on top that ensures the camera always points in the direction of flight even while the disc is spinning.

Currently there is no ETA for when you’ll actually be able to buy a Catchu Camera Frisbee but the designer estimates it will cost about ?45 if and when it becomes available.

[Catchu Camera Frisbee at T3 Magazine] VIA [Ployer]

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