Cat Cocoon, A Marriage Of Kitties & Lasers

By Bruce Eaton

A combination of laser cutting technology, cardboard, and playful kitties, the Cardboard Cat Cocoon is a new techno take on the old cat playhouse. Layers of laser-cut double wall corrugated cardboard are shaped into a cocoon of sorts on which your cat can claw, rub, climb, and play on. Inside is a chamber from which they can use the peepholes, varying from 1″ to 3.5″ wide, to peek out and play. Coming in at L 28.0″ x W 21.0″ x H 15.0″ and a hefty 12 lbs, it is a toy that can take the abuse your fine feline friend feels to furnish.

Coming in at $150, it is a little pricey for what is technically a lump of cardboard. But it is laser cut cardboard! Really, who else do you know that has some of that? Sure your friend might have a laser engraved laptop case but what about his cat? Huh?

[Cat Cocoon] VIA [AskMen]

3 thoughts on “Cat Cocoon, A Marriage Of Kitties & Lasers”

  1. really nice – if they would sell it for a third to fifth of that price tag ^^

    and think of all the small paper rubbish that floats around with the cat slowly demolishing its cardboard cave..

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