Cassette Culture Lives On, Apparently

casseete.jpgBy Ryan Nill

While probably not “the real bleeding edge,” this MP3/digital cassette has managed to awe me, at least slightly. Chinavasion has created an MP3 Cassette Player, accepting songs from SD/MMC cards while still allowing the owner to play it over a standard tape deck. Yes, it is both an MP3 player and a cassette. This has many ramifications: has the cassette player, like Jesus or Kurt Cobain, risen from the dead? Will the Blu-Ray vs. HD wars be rendered irrelevant due to 8-tracks, vinyl and cassettes? Probably not, but its still nice to have something to play in my ’65 Pony Mustang. [You do mean your pimping ’88 Ford Escort, right? -Ed.]

The revenge of the 80’s is available in the future, from Chinavasion wholesale electronics, for an unknown price.

[ Chinavasion ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

5 thoughts on “Cassette Culture Lives On, Apparently”

  1. I could totally use one of these. Some people just can’t afford to upgrade to the latest and greatest. But on the other hand, I mean we have a 2001 buick minivan and it didn’t come with a cd player it came with a cassette player and digital radio. We have one of those car adapters for our personal cd player but we haven’t worked to actually using it yet.

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