Casio Baby-G Shock Watch (Images courtesy Casio)

Casio’s New Baby-G Shock Watch Features Black Light Ultraviolet Illumination

Casio Baby-G Shock Watch (Images courtesy Casio)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re worried you might be a little too old to be hitting the clubbing scene on the weekends, Casio’s new Baby-G Shock watches will bring the clubbing scene to you. Introduced at Baselworld 2011 in Switzerland, the watches feature a fashion-forward design with oversized and overlapping numbers around the face that are all coated with a special fluorescent ink that glows like neon (hence the feature being referred to as the ‘Neon Illuminator’) thanks to a built-in black light ultraviolet LED.

And since blacklights aren’t always the safest thing to stare at, Casio has ensured the ultraviolet LEDs used on these new Baby-G watches correspond to international safety standards… as long as you don’t over do it:

The ultraviolet LED offers safety corresponding to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard for Class 1M. However, an optical lens such as a magnifying glass must not be used for direct viewing of the ultraviolet light source.

Personally I won’t wear a watch I can’t take a magnifying glass to, but I suspect it won’t be an issue for the general consumer populous. Pricing and availability are currently unknown, but the BGA-130 & 131 will come in a variety of color schemes including those pictured above as well as a matte black option.

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