Casio’s Latest Gadget Makes Printing CD Labels Easier

Casio CD Label Printer

By Luke Anderson

One of my many bad habits is that I never label my CDs when I burn them. I use a Sharpie once in a while, but my handwriting is so bad that I never know what I wrote anyway. Sure, I could print out labels and affix them to the CD, but that’s a pain. That’s why I like this new Casio CW-E60 Title Printer.

This little device will use a thermal transfer ribbon to print the label onto your disc. The Title Printer comes with simple software to design your labels. You can choose from 8 different colored ribbons for your prints. The printer will set you back $60.

[Casio] VIA [EverythingUSB]

3 thoughts on “Casio’s Latest Gadget Makes Printing CD Labels Easier”

  1. This would be great if it only was supported by a Linux distro! Gave up on Windows years ago. Other than the odd device that is not supported I haven’t looked back.

  2. My Casio worked OK for simple line art graphics but it could not print image labels for my discs. The image came out blotchy and totally unrecognizable. Frustrated I got a Dymo DiscPainter which prints awesome looking, clean images right on the disc. My time is too valuable to waste it on devices that “sorta work”.

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