Casio BLE Watch (Image courtesy Casio)

Casio Reveals What Their First Bluetooth Low Energy Watch Will Look Like

Casio BLE Watch (Image courtesy Casio)
By Andrew Liszewski

The first prototype of Casio’s Bluetooth-equipped ‘smart’watch was shown at CES 2011 back in January, and while it was one of the more interesting things we found at the show, we’ve been curious what the first production version would actually look like. It turns out that the Bluetooth 4.0 profile technology, which allows the watch to wirelessly communicate with a smartphone while still maintaining a 2+ year battery life, is just being integrated into one of the company’s G-Shock models. Definitely not a bad thing, unless you were hoping to have something particularly high-tech looking strapped to your list to draw people’s attention.

The most notable feature of the watch will be its ability to automatically sync the time to your smartphone, which are usually automatically set by the carrier’s network. Auto-setting watches that rely on broadcasts of the atomic clocks are already commonplace, but this should be more accurate and reliable, particularly when traveling. Other connected features will be the ability to monitor calls, emails and messages including who they’re from directly on the watch’s face, as well as providing vibrating or audible alerts for alarms setup on the phone itself. But at this time specific pricing and availability info have not been officially announced.

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