Casio Keyboards With Key Lighting

Casio LK-100 (Image courtesy Casio UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

I personally don’t think it’s ever a problem with the hardware that prevents most people from learning to play a musical instrument like the piano. Sure learning proper finger placement and what key relates to what note is an important first step but the hardest part is really sticking with it through the endless hours of practicing year after year. That’s where most people fail.

Well unfortunately while there’s no clever trick to getting someone to dedicate themselves to the practicing part there’s at least an easier way to get past the first hurdles of actually learning what keys to press. The LK-100 keyboard from Casio has special keys that light up indicating what key to press next as you play through the built-in library of songs that range from pops to more classical pieces.

The Casio LK-100 can be found at various online retailers like Amazon for about $120.

[ Casio LK-100 ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]

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