The Case For Electronic Cigarettes

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If you’re a longtime smoker, you’re probably already aware of all of the downsides to smoking. Aside from health concerns, smoking cigarettes is an expensive proposition, and the social downsides of being a smoker are many. Not only is there a severe lack of areas to legally smoke; smokers are stuck with smelly clothes, cars, and homes, and have less disposable income than a nonsmoker. Since the primary aim of smoking is delivering nicotine to your system, switching to a product like 21st Century Smoke e-cigs or liquid vaporizer pens can help solve these problems. Let’s break down the advantages to e-cigarettes versus traditional cigarettes.

Cost: This is really the big one, the reason that should motivate anyone.

The price of cigarettes themselves, federal taxes on cigarettes, and state taxes on cigarettes climb every year. Depending on where you live, cigarettes can go for up to fourteen bucks a pack in the US, and even more in some areas overseas. That’s over five thousand bucks a year for a pack-a-day smoker, an outrageous number. Switching to e-cigs can reduce that expense by seven-eighths. If saving money was the only reason to switch, it would still be reason enough.

Social Stigma: Fewer people smoke than ever, and there are fewer places than ever to smoke. At the office, a ball game, even a bar, you probably have to step outside to have a cigarette. Some towns and cities are adopting smoke-free urban areas, meaning even stepping outside will no longer be enough to avoid being hassled or fined. With e-cigarettes and vaporizers, there are very few laws in the U.S. prohibiting their use, either indoors or out. Switching to a smokeless nicotine delivery system will also get rid of smoky clothes, homes, and cars, which can only help your popularity with your non-smoking social circle.

Variety: If you’re going to use a nicotine delivery system, you might as well use the one that gives you a variety of flavors to choose from. With liquid vaporizer pens, you can sample a wide assortment of E-juice flavors, and with disposable e-cigs you can be prepared to satisfy your cravings almost anywhere.

There’s no downside to making the switch from cigarettes to e-cigs. Save money, smell better, and get a better experience with e-cigs. Give them a try.