Carpet Skates Look Fun; Potentially Deadly.


By Ryan Nill

The fun people over at ThinkGeek have discovered yet another way for people to hurt and/or seriously damage themselves. The carpet skates, when strapped over your feet, allow you to slip and slide over carpets, much like actual skates. Also, you can (and probably will) die. At least, in the video we’ve included after the jump, it sounds like the guy is having a killer time. Available now for a thrill-seeking 20$.

[ thinkgeek ] VIA [ techeblog ]

2 thoughts on “Carpet Skates Look Fun; Potentially Deadly.”

  1. You can make your own with some moving men furniture sliders, an old pair of socks and some Velcro. You can make 2 pairs for about 12 bucks. Very fun but watch out for stairs.

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