Cargo Introduces Blu-Ray Makeup – Yeah, Like For The Face


By David Ponce

High definition televisions are great. What’s not so great is the jolly bunch of celebrities who hurriedly started caking on makeup once they realized the new technology allowed their so-called fans to notice their skin imperfections. Here’s a newsflash Joan Rivers: we can see caked up makeup too! You understand of course that whenever there’s a need, a company will pop up to fill it. In this case a company called Cargo has started selling a line of makeup products called “Blu-Ray High Definition Makeup” that allegedly makes someone look “radiant and flawless” (read, not so damn old or pimply) while still looking natural. The products are made from “special pigments and high-tech ingredients”, which doesn’t tell us a whole lot or inspire much confidence. Then again, half of the products on the shelves nowadays find buyers on the strength of the marketing efforts alone. For what it’s worth, prices here seem just about in line with regular makeup products (or so a female friend tells me).

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