CardSharp Folding Credit Card Knife

CardSharp Folding Credit Card Knife

CardSharp Folding Credit Card Knife (Image courtesy Iain Sinclair)
By Andrew Liszewski

While not as robust a multitasker as even a basic Swiss Army Knife, this folding credit card blade from Iain Sinclair looks far more compact and smuggle-friendly as you can keep it stashed away in your wallet. It weighs just 13 grams, is only 2mm thick and features a stainless steel blade with a healthy 65mm cutting edge and a short serrated edge on the opposite side. When folded away a built-in sheath prevents you from accidentally touching the sharp blade, and since I’m sure you’re having as hard a time as I did envisioning how it does fold/unfold, here’s a video showing it in action:

When officially shipping in January the CardSharp will sell for ~$23 (£15) but you can pre-order one now with a deposit of ~$11.60 (£7.50).

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8 thoughts on “CardSharp Folding Credit Card Knife”

  1. I don't think I'll sit as comfortably with a wallet in my back pocket containing THAT. I like the engineering and design part of this product, but practically, I don't see myself needing a knife in any urban situation other than the kitchen.

  2. This knife looks cool but practicality wise, I'm not going to use it. I'm alarmed by the handle of the foldable knife because it's thin and may actually slip on your hand. Just like stratman9000 said below, I'm going to be interested (or even want one) when this card gets through airport security. Maybe by then, I'll think about getting myself one.

  3. I think this is pretty cool, so I pre-ordered one. (it still hasn't shipped yet!) I'm anxious to see how well this knife actually holds up. In addition to other comments, I'm curious as to how well one of these will make it through airport security.

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