Cardok Elevator Gives You James Bonds Style Garage

By David Ponce

So if you’ve recently come into money you’re probably in one of the stages of pimping out your estate. You might read this site for inspiration in the occasional luxury item we feature. So here’s one more: the Cardok lift system will take your vehicles and hide them underground. You can get the Mono version, which hides just one car and makes your driveway look empty. Or you can get the Multi which are either double length, double width or even double height. These systems can accommodate around 10 tons (22,400 lbs) in combined weight, which should be enough for even a couple of Hummers.

Opulence has its price of course, so the Mono Cardok is around $61,000 while the Multi is $72,000. It’s a UK company so they might only do their work there, but if you’ve got the cash to throw around we’re sure they might be willing to talk. And of course, if you’re going to be that flashy, make sure your car matches.

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