Cardapult Is Now The Coolest Business Card Ever

Cardapult Is Now The Coolest Business Card Ever

Cardapult (Image courtesy Bryce Bell)
By Andrew Liszewski

Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of cool business cards, but nothing even comes close to being as awesome as Bryce Bell’s calling card. You see, he’s a mechanical engineer with a penchant for cannons (check out his site, so he designed a business card that transforms into a working catapult! The cards are about as thick as 5 regular business cards when assembled, but not only does that make it sturdy in the heat of battle, but also facilitates the moving parts (like the retractable legs) that make it possible to stash this thing in your wallet.

The photo alone is impressive enough, but the video I’ve included below shows it being transformed and launching various bits of office refuse.

But the best part is Bryce has actually taken the time to put together an Instructable complete with thorough assembly instructions and downloadable printable templates so you can make your own.

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