Car Loft – Apartments With On-Balcony Parking

Car Loft Apartments (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Underground parking garages can occasionally be pretty dark, dank places and at times it feels like playing the lottery when parking your car. Will it be there in one piece in the morning? Who will be waiting for you in the back seat? etc.

Well a German company called Car Loft has designed and is slated to start construction on an apartment building in Berlin that includes a parking space for your car right on the balcony. Each unit has one of these ‘CarLoggias’ that is accessed by a large industrial elevator which can get your vehicle up or down from your apartment in roughly two minutes. These ‘CarLoggias’ can be customized with large glass windows to show off your ride or can be converted to extra living space if you don’t own a vehicle. (Though why you’d choose to live here I don’t know.)

The units start at about 450,600 euros and will range in size from 2,411 to 5,802 sq. ft.

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