Car Kit Made Just For Girls: It’s All Pink.

car kit for girls

By David Ponce

That’s it. This seriously takes the cake. Girls, listen up: there’s a car kit made just for you. It’s all pink! And yes, ok, maybe I’m being stereotypical assuming gals love pink.

So sue me.

That said, if you DO love the pink, then know that ? 35 (or $61) will get you everything you need in your car, from the ice scraper to the booster cables, in a lovely shade of pink.

I’m speechless.

Update: Thanks to Lauren in the comments, we now have a cool site to check out: PinkToolbox.

[Pink Car Kit] VIA [BoingBoing]

3 thoughts on “Car Kit Made Just For Girls: It’s All Pink.”

  1. In my experience, girls that love pink that much… call their boyfriends on their pink cellphone to come and rescue them. Girls who actually are familiar with those products, don’t usually like pink.

  2. I loooove pink. And I loooove this pink toolbox. But did they have to make it so…umm pretty pony like, if you know what i mean… If they had just made a bit more classy and added a little bling bling, I might have actually considered it.

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