Capture Your Doodles On The Zpen

By Jonathan Kimak

I’ve seen digital pens before. They seem like a neat alternative for students who don’t have a laptop or just can’t be bothered to lug a laptop to each and every class. You write as normal and the pen remembers each pen stroke and can upload all your notes or doodles to a computer at a later time.

A key difference with the Zpen is that it doesn’t require special paper to record the data(paper that is usually rather expensive). The battery-powered Zpen can use regular sheet paper. It comes with a receiver that you clip to the top of the paper you are writing on. It also has handwriting to digital text conversion software built into the pen.

The Zpen has 1 GB of storage space and connects via USB. The price is a little steep at £99.99 which is roughly $180 US.

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