Can’t Stop Eating? Well, At Least These Gluttony Pants Won’t Stop Fitting

Gluttony Pants

You know it’s time to stop asking for second (or third) helpings when your pants are fit to burst. Over the years, people found a way to circumvent this discomfort by wearing their ‘fat pants’ when they know they’re about to eat more than they should, like when they’re attending a party or going to an eat-all-you-can buffet.

You probably have a pair in your closet, whether it’s sweatpants or a pair of jeans that’s two sizes bigger than your usual. Fat pants may be more forgiving on your waist, but not so much on the other parts of your body, making you look frumpy and short and just generally unattractive.

Then along came the Gluttony Pants.

Gluttony Pants1

These pants by Betabrand have been designed for maximum comfort, whether you’ll only be having a light meal or a six-course dinner. The secret is in the buttons. There are three, to be specific: piglet if you’re having a light meal, sow if you’re eating more than you should, and boar if you’re pigging out like there’s no tomorrow.

The Gluttony Pants retail for $100.

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