Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Inkjet Printer

Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Printer (Images courtesy Canon)
By Andrew Liszewski

When traveling on business, most people tend to rely on Kinko’s or Staples when they need something printed. The downside of course is that you have to deal with Kinko’s and Staples employees, who barely know how to push the copy button. So for those who are tired of trying to teach the person behind the counter how to open a PDF comes the PIXMA iP100 portable printer from Canon. The iP100 is actually an upgraded version of the iP90v, with improved resolution and speed. The iP100 can print up to 20 black and white documents a minute at a resolution of 600×600, or about 14 color documents a minute with a resolution of 9600×2400. It uses just two ink cartridges to keep the printer’s size compact, with the black ink tank being increased by 50% capacity in this model.

While the printer can be plugged in to a power outlet like your standard desktop model, it also features an optional lithium ion battery pack which will allow you to print 290 pages on a three hour charge. As for connectivity, the iP100 can connect to your laptop via USB, directly to a camera using the PictBridge protocol or even a cellphone or PDA using infra-red or an optional Bluetooth module. ($49.99) The PIXMA iP100 should be available this month for $249.99, while the lithium ion battery pack is an extra $99.99.

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