Canon Introduces Three New HD Camcorders

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When camcorders first launched decades ago the image quality was bad, the cameras were huge, and lots of tapes were needed to record anything. Today camcorders are very small, image quality is now often HD, and tapes are mostly a thing of the past.

Canon introduced three new camcorders that all record to internal storage in full 1080p HD resolution. The camcorders are all in the VIXIA line and record in 24Mbps bit rate in AVCHD format. Canon says that 24Mbps is the highest bit rate that can be used in the AVCHD format and makes for more detailed and smoother video recordings.

The VIXIA HF11 records up to 12 hours of HD video to 32GB of internal flash storage and has a SDHC slot for additional memory when needed. The VIXIA HG20 can record up to 22 hours of video to a 60GB internal HDD and has a SDHC card slot. The final camcorder is the HG21 with 160GB of storage — recording up to 45 hours of video — and a SDHC card slot for expansion. The camcorders will be available in September with the HG11 selling for $1199, the HG21 for $1299 and the HG20 for $949.

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