Candela, Reinventing the Candle

So the concept is this: you want something with the softness, romance and beauty of a candle, yet would like to avoid burning the house down should you leave the thing unattended. Better yet, it’d be nice if it didn’t keep on blowing out at every little gust of wind. Well, company has come up with something.

It’s a simple rechargeable lamp completely enclosed in plastic, with no visible electrical connections. Simply put it on the included magical charger, and voila! It works for 5 hours, and takes 16 to charge. Circuity inside the lamp detects when it’s not on the base any longer and lights up automatically.

The new 2005 models are made with replaceable batteries, so all y’all environmentalists out there should be happy. A set of 2 plus a charger will set you back 49$, and is available in two tones.

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Update: Joel Johnson, editor of Gizmodo, has let me know two rather interesting things about this very product. It’s old. And it sort of sucks. He’d know, he has’em.