Can You Stomach This? Maggot Cupcake with Mango-Flavored Pus


So this is a particularly disgusting cupcake that would be perfect for Halloween. I think few would have the stomach to actually eat it, given how it’s presented–but then, isn’t that the entire point?

It’s a plain-looking cupcake at first sight, since it’s topped with a simple flesh-colored fondant with not much extra decor. But when you spot the protruding, off-white thing in the middle and look at it more closely, the tweezers they handed you earlier suddenly makes sense and you find yourself pulling that little maggot out, unplugging a pus-filled hole in the process. Ewww!

Maggot Cupcakes1

Maggot Cupcakes2

Of course, everything’s edible. It’s a cupcake, after all. The maggot is just fondant, while the pus is rich, mango-flavored filling.

This cupcake was thought up by the folks from Twisted Fondant for Eat Your Heart Out 2013, a cake shop that will be popping up at the Rag Factory in London later this month.

VIA [ Food Beast ]