Can You Stomach the Food and Ambiance at the Hospitalis Restaurant?

Hospital-Themed Restaurant

The Hospitalis is a hospital-themed restaurant in Latvia, and it’s definitely all sorts of strange. It’s probably the only restaurant in the world where diners are given the choice to dine in a straight jacket and have their food fed to them by waitresses dressed in nurses’ uniforms.

Hospital-Themed Restaurant1

Everything in Hospitalis incorporates the theme of the place, from the utensils and interior decor to the bathrooms and actual food. The tables look like operating tables, the utensils look like surgical instruments, the drinks are served in flasks and beakers, and the food is made to look like body parts.

The interior of the restaurant itself is mostly white with splashes of red, like most hospitals. Medical books and actual surgical instruments, which were supplied by Latvia’s Museum of the History of Medicine, are the main decorations.

Hospital-Themed Restaurant2

If you have an innate fear of hospitals, then you obviously shouldn’t dine at the Hospitalis.

VIA [ Food Beast ]