Camoplast Giant ATV Track System

Camoplast Giant ATV Track System
By Andrew Liszewski

I know it’s technically still summer but September is just around the corner which in turn leads to that inevitable slope towards winter so why fight it? As a result I declare this the first official OhGizmo post of the pre-2006 fall/winter season.

Living in the downtown core of a big city doesn’t present a lot of opportunities to go off-roading sadly, but if I lived in the country I would make sure to have an ATV at my disposal and I would definitely retrofit it with a set of these things. The Camoplast Giant ATV Track System replaces the boring wheels on your ATV with four tank-like tracks.

Besides making you look like the guy who spends more money on his ATV than his car the Camoplast system does provide higher ground clearance and a larger ground surface making them well suited to all four seasons, especially snow. Installation of the tracks will take about two to four hours depending on your skillset and apparently allows the original wheels to be easily put back on when needed.

[Camoplast Giant ATV Track System] VIA [Travelizmo]

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