Not-a-Camera Wooden Camera Necklace is Actually a Camera

Wooden Camera Necklace

So this is the Not-a-Camera necklace, and it’s the exact opposite of what it’s name says it is. The necklace features a larger-than-the-usual wooden pendant in the shape of a camera, and even though it’s name insists that it isn’t a camera, it actually is. It’s hard to believe that this thin wooden thing is capable of taking 3.5-megapixel pictures, but it can be used to record HD video too.

The Not-a-Camera’s maker, Olivia, originally made the camera for her 101-year-old grandmother (who also happens to be named Olivia), so that the latter would have a camera at hand (or rather, around her neck) that was both light and easy to use.

Wooden Camera Necklace1

Wooden Camera Necklace2


Not-a-Camera specs: Video: 1280×720 in HD; 720p; Format: MOV; 60fps; Audio: 16 bits; Single Channel; Photo: 3.5MB; 1280×960; Webcam: 640×480 (PC only); Micro SD: 8 GB; class 4; Battery: 3.6 volt; 250 mAh.

The Not-a-Camera is available on Olivia’s Etsy shop for $150.

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