Cam-Trax Brings Gesture And Object Control To Your (Yes, Your) Webcam

By Evan Ackerman

New computer interfaces have been popping up all over the place recently, from touchable ones to magnetic ones to brain reading ones. However cool this new tech is, a far simpler and more effective interface is something we do naturally all the time: gesture. Cam-Trax is gesture and object recognition software that, unlike other systems, will run happily on your crappy webcam. It’s able to concurrently track multiple colors and shapes through three dimensions, allowing you to control your computer with objects or even yourself. As the video shows, it’s great for gaming, and even works in the context of a reasonably complicated first person shooter. It also looks like it’s easy to use and (most critically) works most of the time. I can think of about 20 uses for this software off the top of my head, and although there’s no specific information on price or availability, it’s somewhere around the beta stage so with luck, we’ll be seeing it available for download soonish.

[ Cam-Trax ] VIA [ Engadget ]