Calling All Mega Fans: Mega Man LEGO Set Up For Voting on Cuusoo

Lego Megaman Cuuso

You’ve read the comics, watched the TV series, and played the video games. Now it’s time to play a different kind of Mega Man. He’s been around for ages and it’s about time he got his own LEGO set. He’s not quite there yet,though, because the Mega Man set designed by Alatariel is still up for voting on Cuusoo. Designs need to get at least 10,000 votes before LEGO will consider producing it–the keyword there being “consider,” since not all of the sets that reach the required number of votes are actually made.

Alatariel’s set includes most of the elements you know and love from the iconic franchise, include: Dr. Wily’s Castle, a playable stage inside the castle, Dr. Wily in his flying Capsule, famous nemeses including Sniper Joe and Metool, a set of power-ups, and of course, Mega Man himself and Rush.

Lego Megaman Cuuso1

Lego Megaman Cuuso2

Lego Megaman Cuuso3

Lego Megaman Cuuso4

Lego Megaman Cuuso5

Lego Megaman Cuuso6

Lego Megaman Cuuso7


You can vote for the Mega Man set on its LEGO Cuusoo page.

VIA [ Nerd Approved ]