Calibur11 Base Vault (Image courtesy Calibur11)

Calibur11 Base Vault Is Like An iPhone Case For Your 360 Slim

Calibur11 Base Vault (Image courtesy Calibur11)
By Andrew Liszewski

At first glance I thought this armor-like housing for the Xbox 360 Slim was a clever way to ‘lock-down’ your console and prevent it from getting easily pinched should someone break into your home looking for an easy score. But it turns out the Base Vault from Calibur11 is about as effective at preventing your console from being stolen as a decorative case would be to the iPhone. In other words, save for the slightly annoying feet sticking out at the bottom, thieves still won’t think twice about snatching it.

So what’s the point of using it? Well in this case it gives the Slim a bright, red finish (Vampire Red to be exact) and it provides it a little bit of extra protection, though from what I’m not sure. Those feet also make it a bit more stable if you prefer to use it standing on edge, plus there’s a handy molded hook on the side for hanging a controller. And since the 360 Slim doesn’t feature swappable faceplates like the original 360, it conveniently turns out that the company behind the Base Vault, Calibur11, happens to sell a similar line of customizable options compatible with the case. $59.95, available in a handful of different colors.

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