Cal Flame G5000 Cocktail Table With Built-In Garbage Incinerator

Cal Flame G5000 (Image courtesy Born Rich)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now here’s a match made in heaven. The Cal Flame G5000 from Cal Spas combines a cocktail table with a firepit on the inside, making cleanup as easy as pushing all your trash, uneaten food and whatever else you don’t feel like cleaning up into the center where it will get incinerated. Genius!! Of course convenience like this comes at a price, $6,900 to be exact, but think to yourself, would you rather have almost $7,000 in your pocket or would you rather have to do the dishes every night? I think the answer is pretty clear.

[ Cal Flame G5000 ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

6 thoughts on “Cal Flame G5000 Cocktail Table With Built-In Garbage Incinerator”

  1. Your question is backwards, it should be “would you rather spend $7000 from your pocket, or would you rather do dishes everynight?” In your question, if I chose to have the $7000 in my pocket, I still be stuck doing the dishes. The only way I would be able to avoid doing dishes is to spend the $7000, or get a dishwasher for much, much less.

    This would only be pratical if you drank and ate out of paper cups and plates. Also, it doesn't look like it has a filter or a fan, so you would have to smell the fumes after you burnt the trash.

  2. I have to agree, the fact that you can throw it into a fire, doesn't make it perfect. For much less, you could just start a bonfire and throw it in there.

    I'd hate to be eating with people that eat something that smells bad.

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