Cadillac To Offer 3G Wifi Router


By Evan Ackerman

We’re running out of places to hide from the internet, and cars are the latest casualty. Starting next month, Cadillac will offer an option for a dealer installed 3G wireless router in their CTS Sport sedans. You can expect typical 3G download speeds (supposedly 400-800 kbps but your mileage may vary), and if no 3G is available, you’ll be lucky to see 200 kbps. The router itself cost about $500, $450 of which probably gets sunk into that Cadillac logo.

The service is actually being offered through a company called Autonet Mobile. It costs about $30 for 1 gig a month, or about $60 for 5 gigs a month… There doesn’t seem to be any unlimited plan. A gig a month is just about enough for you to check email, download attachments, maybe listen to the occasional song. But personally, I hate having to worry about caps. And with so many mobile devices with unlimited data plans out there, what’s the appeal of having a piece of hardware that’s restricted in bandwidth AND restricted in location? I guess maybe the idea is, if you’re buying a new Cadillac, things like “cost effectiveness” just aren’t that high up on your list of priorities.

[ Autonet Mobile ] VIA [ CNET ]

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