Cable Gone Cable Organizer Doubles As iPad Stand

By David Ponce

Cable tangle on your desktop is unsightly, and craning your neck to look at your iPad’s screen when it’s flat on a surface is annoying. So this particular object, called Cable.Gone, addresses both of these issues… no, these small inconveniences at once. Being a simple plastic tube with an opening at the bottom, it’s pretty easy to just insert a bunch of cables inside of it and tidy things up a bit. Also, its top surface is angled down so that you can rest an iPad or other tablet on it.

Currently on Kickstarter, $25 will get you a pre-order. It doesn’t look like it’ll take off however, as there are only 17 days left and only $331 of $27,500 needed raised so far. We understand the lack of enthusiasm, this isn’t a revolutionary product. But at $25 doesn’t seem like a bad deal to make things look just a little better on your desk.

[ Cable.Gone ] VIA [ Geeky Gadgets ]

2 thoughts on “Cable Gone Cable Organizer Doubles As iPad Stand”

  1. Looks pretty sleek. not as good as those 15 stands we saw earlier.
    Would love to see more like them here.

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