C.F.S. Eco-Friendly Cardboard Kids Furniture Set

C.F.S. Eco-Friendly Cardboard Kids Furniture Set (Images courtesy Emmo Home)
By Andrew Liszewski

I feel the same way about kid-sized furniture as I do about kid-sized designer clothes. Sure they both might look adorable, but what’s the point of spending all that money when your child is going to grow out of them in just a few months? But easy-to-assemble yet disposable cardboard furniture? Well that makes a lot more sense. This simple table and stools set can be put together without the need for any glue or adhesives, and when assembled the table can support up to 315lbs, while the stools can each support up to 750lbs! So adults are able to use them right alongside their kids.

As an added bonus, you have no reason to flip out if your progeny takes a black Sharpie to them to create their own custom designs, since refinishing cardboard furniture is a lot cheaper than refinishing the real thing. I just wish this set didn’t run $150 which pretty much cancels out all the advantages of buying cardboard furniture in the first place…

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