ByteSpotter Hard Drives (Image courtesy Convar)

ByteSpotter – “The Hard Drive For Connoisseurs” (Or Those Who Like To Spend Almost $500 For 1TB)

ByteSpotter Hard Drives (Image courtesy Convar)
By Andrew Liszewski

Have I ever wondered what it looked like inside a hard drive while it was thrashing about? Yes, of course I have. Am I willing to pay a ~$500 premium for the privilege of seeing some polished discs spinning and a metal arm moving about? Probably not. But I’ve been accused of being a contrarian, so maybe I’m in the minority here. If seeing the inner workings of a hard drive are on your bucket list, then I’m pretty sure these ByteStopper drives are the only way you’re going to be able to cross that one off your list.

In addition to a whopping 1TB of storage, your $484 (€348) investment does afford you several options for how your ByteSpotter drive looks including your choice of top cover, bottom cover, grills and even how the screw threads are finished. What I like best though is the thought that not only does this process probably nullify the drive’s warranty, but I have my doubts the facility where they’re assembled is anything close to the clean rooms used by Hitachi when the drive was originally assembled.

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3 thoughts on “ByteSpotter – “The Hard Drive For Connoisseurs” (Or Those Who Like To Spend Almost $500 For 1TB)”

  1. In the future will we see Xzibit's floating head hosting a show called “Pimp my hard drive”? The editing in this video is a sign of things to come.

  2. I saw the drive on CeBIT myself. The pictures can not come close to how these drives look in real. Hitachi had a case study of the disk drives there. In that case study Hitachi wrote that they ( Hitachi ) asked them ( ByteSpotter ) to modify their drives. And they state that production line fulfill all clean room requirements. On CeBIT they also showed a cool PC with an integrated disk drive. I did found pictures at… – You are right, it's expensive – street price in the US was mentioned about 399.00 US$. But it's a nice to have ….

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