By Royal Appointment Chairs Would Go Well With Philips Ambilight TVs

By Royal Appointment Chairs (Images courtesy Moritz Waldemeyer & Chris O'Shea)
By Andrew Liszewski

Created by Moritz Waldemeyer, this unique set of chairs makes anyone who sits in them feel extra special, since the glowing aura projected behind them on the wall will actually change color to match their clothing.

This new creation is a piece of furniture that interacts with what you wear changing the atmosphere and space around it. A sensor in the back of the chair reads the colour of the clothing and projects it on to the surface behind using LED lighting. This gives the individual sitting on it their own halo of light, evoking images of religious icons and kings.

The shape of his new chair evokes the design of medieval thrones. Whomever sits in the chair becomes the focus of attention, as they are surrounded by a projection of light, as if it was emulating their personal aura. The holes in the chair gradually increase in size, paradoxically making the design seem solid while also insubstantial, as though it might dissolve into the air.

Now it’s no secret that I actually hate the Ambilight technology that Philips includes on a lot of their TVs, but I’ve realized it’s only because they’re not marketing it properly. If their commercials emphasized the fact that I would feel even more like a king or an icon, I would put one in every room!

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