BuzzBall – A Roller Coaster Ride Without The Rails

BuzzBall (Image courtesy Evento Company Limited)
By Andrew Liszewski

I know a lot of people must really enjoy roller coasters, otherwise amusement parks wouldn’t be spending millions of dollars on the latest and greatest designs. But the faster/taller/twistier a coaster gets, the longer the line usually gets. So what if everyone could have their very own roller coaster and never have to wait in line again? That’s kind of the idea behind the Evento BuzzBall concept. It features a single seat inside a large outer ball that’s able to spin and roll independently of the ball itself, providing a similar experience to being on a roller coaster.

A pair of electric motors is used to power the BuzzBall, so you don’t need a steep hill to enjoy it, just a large open space. Each motor is controlled by a separate throttle which will either cause the chair to spin inside the ball or work together to push the ball forward. However, once the BuzzBall is in motion and the pilot decides to turn, their seat inside the ball will rotate against the direction of travel resulting in spins, somersaults, corkscrews, barrel rolls and other nausea inducing motions. And just remember, if you do happen to vomit inside the BuzzBall, it’s coming along on the ride with you.

While the BuzzBall’s not officially available for sale at the moment, it does appear that Evento has every intention of eventually bringing it to the market.

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