Butterfly Step Can from Simplehuman

It’s a trashcan from company SimpleHuman. It also happens to be a pretty trashcan. And in case you can’t read the captions on the picture, it does stuff. Here’s what.

If you press the pedal, an electric motor will open it up. However, it will do this very quietly, as it features a special damper mechanism, helping to ensure your midnight binges will go unnoticed by the rest of the household. It is said to “open and close like a Lexus”.

It comes with doors that split down the middle, making it ideal for narrow spaces or under low countertops. Also, it has a special resin toe kick integrated in the design of the can resulting in a broader, more durable pedal area.

It’s, um, $200. Get it here. Story VIA GearLive.

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Step Can from Simplehuman”

  1. You can buy simplehuman stuff at bed bath and beyond for a fair amount less than that. My parents bought that trash can for $130 there…

    For what it’s worth, it’s a great trash can. If it were half that price, I’d buy it. But $130, well, that’s absurd.

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