This Business Card Doubles As A Ring Sizer

Business Card - Ring Measure

The road to the perfect proposal is a tough one. But before you drop down to one knee, there’s the matter of getting the ring made. Obviously asking for your significant other’s ring size gives everything away, so German ring maker Marrying and ad agency Jung von Matt/Alster teamed up to created the Ring Stick.

It looks like a business card, so you can carry it around 24/7 without raising suspicion while waiting for the opportunity to roll it around her finger so you can get her ring size. 

Business Card - Ring Measure1


The Ring Stick’s adhesive corners make it easy to hold it in place so you can take and read off the measurement easily. No idea if they’re actually selling this (my guess is no), but you can probably make your own if you want to.

VIA [ Damn Geeky ]