Bushnell ONIX 400 Handheld GPS Adds Weather Data

Bushnell ONIX 400 (Image courtesy Orbitcast.com)By Andrew Liszewski

I used to recommend brands like Garmin or Magellan when people asked me about handheld GPS devices but in terms of features Bushnell seems to be leaving those 2 companies in the dust. The latest model from their ONIX line is the 400 and in addition to full GPS capabilities with actual satellite images it now offers real-time weather reports and XM satellite radio.

Well the satellite radio kind of goes hand in hand with the weather functions since the device relies on XM’s recently announced real-time weather system. What’s most impressive is that the weather data will be specific to your exact location (or ‘cell’ as the company calls it) rather than just a vague report for the general region you’re in. And of course even though you might be roughing it out in the woods you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite XM stations wherever you are.

The ONIX 400 will have an MSRP of $499 and includes a full color 320×240 LCD screen, rechargeable Li-Ion battery and 64Mb of built-in storage. It’s scheduled to be released sometime in the summer of 2007.

[ Bushnell ONIX 400 @ Orbitcast.com ] VIA [ Popular Science ]

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  1. Yes, being a weather geek myself I agree on the local weather targeting functionality. It’s ruff and tuff and is definitely the choice over the “competitiors”. Great info here. Thanks.

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