Burton Mix Master Gloves (Images courtesy Burton)

Burton’s Mix Master Gloves Wirelessly Control Your iPhone Or iPod

Burton Mix Master Gloves (Images courtesy Burton)
By Andrew Liszewski

While they’re probably designed for x-treme sports types who want to enjoy their music while careening down a mountain on their snowboards, I actually think they’d be just as useful in the dead of winter when walking to work. I just wish these new Mix Master gloves from Burton weren’t $159.95 a pair. On the back of the left glove is a rudimentary set of playback controls which I assume lets you skip tracks, adjust the volume and pause the music coming from your iPhone or iPod Touch. So that you don’t have to take your gloves off and remove the device from your pocket when it’s cold outside.

It wirelessly connects to either device (and probably even the iPad) using a small receiver that attaches to their dock connector, and an even smaller transmitter that’s stashed somewhere inside the glove. They’ve even got an impressive 100-foot radius, and the remote can be removed from the glove and used to control your music in your car, or at home. The gloves themselves feature a waterproof ‘DRYRIDE Insane Membrane’, genuine leather exterior and a quick-drying microfiber lining. So I have no doubts they’ll work just as well when it comes to keeping your hands warm and dry.

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