Burton Sleeper Hoodie, My Home Away From Home

burton sleeper detail _ complex.jpg
By Ryan Nill

In certain “Cultural Subsets” your choice of hooded jacket defines you. Luckily for you, I have found your ticket to cool; find your inner jetsetter and get ready to set some jets. The Burton Sleeper Hoodie, for example, is perfect for this. This hoodie features wonderfully trendy styling and trans-continental touches, like the passport holder, headphone ear-plug pocket, inflatable neck pillow and eye mask, and is soon to become my new costume. I’ll end just like one of those horrible cartoon characters that owns only one set of clothing.

The Burton Sleeper Hoodie cost 100$ from the Burton Online Store and “will be available soon.” Impeccably styled hair sold separately.

[ Burton Online Store ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]