Burn Your Lunch With A USB Lunchbox

Burn Your Lunch With A USB Lunchbox


By Luke Anderson

I’ve worked in a couple of places that had some really disgusting microwaves in the break room. One sticks out particularly well in my mind. A brilliant co-worker of mine accidentally put some sort of frozen dinner in it and set the timer very, very wrong. We’re not sure what he was trying to do, but 20 minutes and 5 rooms full of smoke later, it finished cooking. When I left the company months later, the smell still lingered. So how does one warm up their food without using the shared microwave? You harness the power of your faithful USB port with a ridiculous gadget.

Only Thanko could come up with a gadget that keeps your food so hot that it might actually burn down your building. This lunchbox will warm your leftovers of last night’s meatloaf with 140 degrees of USB power. I’m sure that the product is perfectly safe, but it scares me just the same. Even at $20, I think I’ll stick to the microwave.

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