Burger Wrappers Hides Your Face With a Smile While You Eat

Liberation Wrapper

Most of the time, I prefer to eat burgers, chicken, and other food that might cause a mess at home. Not that burgers are messy, but everything tends to be all over the place as you take bite after bite–especially if the burgers are juicy. Cue the Liberation Wrapper, which was thought up by Japanese fast food chain Freshness Burger.

When unwrapped, the burger wrapper folds out and hides the face of the person eating with another face. It appears to be for women only, since the half-face printed on the wrapper is that of a woman’s.

Liberation Wrapper1

So open wide and bite into that burger without a care in the world, since no one will be able to see what you’re up to behind the wrapper anyway.

Freshness Burger partnered up with Dentsu East Japan to come up with the quirky wrapper. Now how about making one for the guys, because I’m sure they’d also like to eat their burgers while keeping up a facade of neatness while they’re at it.

VIA [ Bit Rebels ]