Built NY Neoprene Lunch Bag

Built NY Neoprene Lunch Bag (Image courtesy Magellan's)By Andrew Liszewski

While the website promotes this lunch bag as being a ‘bring-your-own’ solution to airline food it will probably work just as well in any situation.

Made from stretchy neoprene the Built NY lunch tote has seperate insulated compartments that will hold a variety of food containers in many shapes and sizes and will help keep the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold. It even has a built-in placemat for when you can’t vouch for the sanitary condition of that picnic table, park bench or cubicle desk.

The Built NY Lunch Tote is available from Magellan’s for about $40 (after currency conversion.) Update: It seems while the UK Magellan’s store offers this bag for ?19.85 hence the $40 US pricetag, the US Magellan’s store offers it for the same price, $19.85 but of course in US funds.

Also if that’s not lemonade in the product shot then this lunch bag has other uses not mentioned on the site.

[Built NY Neoprene Lunch Bag] VIA [Shiny Shiny]

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  1. I could be dreaming, but anyone in Toronto may want to check out the Home Outfitters at Yorkdale … could have swarn I saw them there for like $25.

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