Build Your Own Dalek From The Official BBC Blueprints

By Caitlyn Muncy

What is it about an oversized trash can with a plunger that makes it so fearsome? If you’re a Doctor Who fan, then you’ll understand the might of the Dalek. Otherwise, you’ll probably thing they are just plain silly. For those that not only know of these mighty overlords, but adore them, I have a surprise for you. No, I’m not giving you a Dalek, but I can show you how to make one.

This isn’t your average DIY guide that you find around the internet. No, these are the official blueprints from the BBC. Apparently someone wrote to them back in the 80’s asking for instructions on how to build one. They responded with these complete blueprints. Even if you aren’t planning on building your own, if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you should definitely check them out.

[ Aceldama ] VIA [ Dvice ]