Build Your Own Coat Hanger Robot

Coat Hanger Walker (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

If you’re into robotics but don’t like your creations to have that corporate-polished look then this simple robot walker tutorial on will probably fit the bill nicely.

The parts list includes things you might actually have lying around the house in old electronics like plastic gears, AAA battery holders and toggle switches plus other things that might require a trip to your local hobby shop like resistors and servo motors. And of course a heavy gauge wire like you can find many coat hangers in your closet made out of. (Unless your mother is Joan Crawford.)

Keep in mind though as simple as this robot looks this project is not really aimed at the beginner from what I can tell. If you don’t know what a breadboard is or are surprised to hear they involve wiring you might want to just move along.

[Coat Hanger Walker] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]

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