Bugs Mini Vacuum Is Like A Roomba For Your Desk (Or Very Small Apartment)

Bugs Mini Vacuum Cleaner (Images courtesy The Design Town)
By Andrew Liszewski

Believe it or not, this bug shaped miniature vacuum is actually supposed to look like a caterpillar. But something tells me the designer has never actually seen a caterpillar, or at least only saw one after a beheading. Either way it’s supposed to be a convenient (and fun!) way to clean up food crumbs, pencil shavings or other crap that collects on your desk. While it’s not as convenient as the more popular method of simply sweeping it onto the floor, you’ll at least be able to annoy your co-workers with its powerful electric motor that also requires 2 AA batteries.

Now I’m not 100% sure if the Bugs Mini Vacuum is able to drive itself around your desk like a Roomba can, but with a $10 price tag I’m kind of doubting it. And that’s too bad because you can always use something else on your desk to distract you from being productive.

[ Bugs Mini Vacuum Cleaner ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]