Buggy Rollin’ Is The New X-Sport

By Bruce Eaton

Ever since we invented the wheel, we have always found new and Xtreme ways to reinvent it so that we might either A) kill ourselves B) get an adrenaline rush. Coming in at number one for things I want to do before I die is Buggy Rollin. Although still in testing/concept phase, the Buggy Rollin suit allows you to skate in any way you can think of: lying down on your face or back or knees or hands or whatever.

Initially a design project investigating the displacement of the human center of gravity using various support points, it has morphed into a new style of free-skating that allows you to push it (your huevos that is) as far as you can imagine; such as doing 70 km/h downhill with your face only 10cm from the asphalt.

Currently there is a knee pack that allows you to use traditional skates and your knees for $175 with the “full-suit” hopefully coming soon. I am so gonna rock this, and by rock I mean break and by “this” I mean every bone in my body.

[Buggy Rollin] VIA [Gizmag]

13 thoughts on “Buggy Rollin’ Is The New X-Sport”

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  2. Look at tht shit ! Man that’s some real sick shit . I’m so there dude . I can’t wait till I see one of these suits for sale .

  3. I would so do this, street luging is fun but this looks like so much more fun! Although I figured you could go way faster than reported. In luge you can go up to 70 MPH, averaging 50 on mod slopes, surely with some Bigzig lemon and limes you can hit that speed on the buggy rollin suit since it seems it would be more forgiving. What do you think?

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