BudTrap Headphone Wrangler

BudTrap Headphone Wrangler

BudTrap (Images courtesy BudTrap)
By Andrew Liszewski

Wrapping your headphones tightly around your iPod or other MP3 player is never recommended because it usually results in extra tension on the cord where it connects to the headphone jack. Over time that can result in a loose connection and eventually a trip to the store for new headphones. But that’s where the BudTrap is particularly clever. It’s designed to slide onto your headphone’s jack and provide a set of clips to hold the cable in place once it’s been wrapped.

When used properly (see the extra loop of cable sticking out the top) it also alleviates any undo stress on the headphone’s jack, prolonging their life. From the looks of it though the BudTrap appears to be only compatible with certain headphone jack designs, namely Apple’s less than stellar white bundled pair, so you might want to give your own set a once-over before ordering. By themselves the BudTraps sell for $5.95 each, but buying them in twin packs or 5-packs brings the per-unit price down.

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  1. most headphones malfunction through metal fatigue. this “solution” screams deficiency, for among other problems it repeatedly stresses thin wires in the same locations (player edges and at the supposedly good “loop”).

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