BuckyBalls Are Now Old School, Behold BuckyCubes

By David Ponce

Almost exactly two years ago we talked about the BuckyBalls. They were a set of 216 tiny rare earth magnets that could be arranged in any number of entertaining ways. Fast forward two years and the innovation is that the spheres are now cubes and there are 125 of them. If you’ve already played with BuckyBalls, maybe this isn’t a big deal. But if you’re new to the “Bucky” scene, you should check out the above video. The flat sides allow you to slide and stack them in new ways, not to mention make you feel nostalgic for the Tetris days of yore.

In all fairness and having played with several sets of Buckyballs myself, I must say this: they are entertaining, but don’t go thinking they are easy to play with at first. Anything you see in the video took a good deal of preparation, not to mention ingenuity that (let’s face it) you likely don’t have. I know I didn’t. Still, for $25, it’s a fun and different way of passing some time. And even better, if you ingest a few, a geeky way to land yourself in the ER.

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  1. Amazing….Love it!!!! I was not familiar with this game, but I have made all my mind to try my hands here. Though i see a considerable amount of practice acing it to perfection.

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