BTTF Replica Nikes Circa 2015

BTTF 2015 Nikes (Image courtesy ebay Seller 123bttf)
By Andrew Liszewski

So you’ve got the Flux Capacitor and even the full size time-travelling DeLorean but if you venture into the year 2015 you’re gonna look pretty stupid with those 2006-era Nikes on. That’s why you’ll need to grab these ‘authentic’ 2015-era Nikes from ebay in order to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

While they’re not any of the actual pairs made for Back To The Future 2 these replicas appear to be pretty accurate. (Based on the minimal amount of close-up screen time the shoes had.) What’s that you say? Marty McFly’s sneakers never lit up like that? Well apparently the original prop shoes were actually able to light up because of a futuristic basketball scene that was cut from the film. As a result the prop shoes were never switched on during any other scenes.

The starting bid for the shoes is $400 which is roughly what most Nikes go for these days anyways.

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3 thoughts on “BTTF Replica Nikes Circa 2015”

  1. Hello Everyone!

    Since I started my sneaker campaign, I have been approached by numerous replica makers who want to make and sell me a replica of the McFlys, I have told them all a big NO !

    My sneaker campaign is all about the shoes!

    I find it sad that now they are trying to sell FAKE McFlys on eBay. I have gotten so many emails on the FAKE McFlys, that there’s an official response below.

    Talk soon.

    Al Cabino
    Internationally renowned sneakerographer

    Official Response to the FAKE McFly Sneaker on eBay

    “Sneakers are born to be worn. The FAKE McFly sneaker as seen on eBay is nothing more than a Fisher-Price toy. If sneaker fans want the McFlys, sign my petition.”

    Just Sign It.

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